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What is Process Manager and what are the base functionalities of this app?


A step-by-step guide on how to set up Myndbend Process Manager


An overview of all Myndbend Process Manager features

  • Slack
    Does your organization use Slack to improve collaboration? With Myndbend Process Manager, you can now send approval r...
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  • Approval Flows (Beta)
    The Approval Flows functionality allows you to streamline your approval process, from start to finish. As an administ...
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  • Approval Groups
    Approval group functionality allows you to create a group of approvers - That way, you can streamline the process of ...
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  • Add and Manage Approvers
    If you need to request approval from someone in (or out of) your organization, Myndbend™ Process Manager can do it au...
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  • Approval Emails & Reminders
    Myndbend Process Manager supports custom email notifications that are sent out to Approvers. By default, they are tur...
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  • Review Approval Request
    In the email notification regarding the approval, your users will have an option to Review Approval Request.  This wi...
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Workflow setup

How to set up various parts of the workflow

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Advanced workflow setup

How to set up more advanced workflow parts

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Myndbend Process Manager integration for Slack

FAQ – Myndbend Process Manager

Frequently asked questions regarding Myndbend Process Manager


This section will explain how to use Myndbend Process Manager webhook in order to do all of the automated actions

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Webhook Transition Guide

This guide will help you convert your workflows to use the new Myndbend Webhook

Use Cases

What are some of the use cases where the Process Manager shines?

Release notes

Learn what is new in recent releases

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